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Discover exquisite handcrafted goods from Latin American artisans while supporting our mission of peacebuilding

We’re on a mission to build peace around the world. Join us!

These programs reach victims of the armed conflict and violence in Latin America and all over the world.

To date, you’ve helped us provide m classes on peace, as well as mental health terapies, to people from Syria, Yemen, Colombia, Guatemala, Bangladesh, Somalia, Ivory Coast and counting...

We can't say THANK YOU enough!

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    Wearing these clothes means admiring the work of the women who make them. It tells the story of skilled hands that weave threads, which in turn, connect and transform cultures. By wearing these clothes, I contribute to peacebuilding by supporting sustainable economic initiatives that value the people behind the products.

    -Laura Posada 

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    I love knowing that I carry peace with me every day. From a bracelet to a shirt or a bit of honey, each one serves as a great reminder that it is through the contributions and empathy of each one of us that we can positively impact society.

    - Libia Reyes

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    I found some t-shirts made of very soft material with simple designs that I fell in love with from the beginning. But beyond that, I discovered that these are products that contribute to building peace in my country, and that's worth everything. Join me in supporting this cause by getting your own piece of peace!

    - Andres Pena.

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Scholarships given to social leaders, ex-combatants, victims of the armed conflict and vulnerable groups  in countries such as Bangladesh, Colombia, Guatemala, Yemen, Siria, Nigeria

 (and counting)