About Us



Welcome to the Magnolia Foundation Store! 


Let me tell you a little about how it all started. My name is Ana Carolina González, and I was born in the midst of the 80s in Colombia, a time when violence was at its peak. Perhaps that's why I dedicated myself to peacebuilding through communication. In 2017, I started Magnolia Foundation for Peace and Wellness as a project that works on the recovery of survivors of violence in Colombia.


A couple of years later, I met my friend Juan Carlos Lucero, a lawyer and mediator from Guatemala, who is also passionate about peace. Together, we decided to work on this project covering the rest of Latin America through two complementary perspectives: the School of Peace and the Wellness Laboratory.


We truly believe that peace is contagious!


The academic and emotional work carried out at the Magnolia Foundation for Peace and Wellness has led us to learn about the realities of our beneficiaries: former combatants, peasants, conflict survivors, Afro, indigenous, and other communities who, with their daily work, are rebuilding the social fabric. This store is dedicated to them.


Here, you will find handcrafted jewelry made by indigenous people, coffee cultivated by ex-combatants, exquisite leather bags, baskets made with the best materials in the of the Andean mountains, and kimonos made by farmers and artisans, all of the highest quality.


Do you want to support peace but don't know where to start? Come and follow us. We invite you to visit this online store that is a mix of bits of land, herbs, ancestral knowledge, forgiveness, and love.


Your purchase will not only bring joy to your heart but also provide a means of subsistence for many survivors of conflict and war who are striving every day to move forward and provide a future for their children.


And of course, it will be a motivation for us to continue working at the Magnolia Foundation for Peace and Wellness.


What a joy to have you here. Welcome!